ETOE Rail Village has converted the unemployed to
                             200+ Rail resources

ETOE Rail Village has transformed
                     600+ Skilled Rail resources
                                                                                from technical unemployed
Within next 5 years
    13,400,000 Rail resources required
                                                 across the globe
Within next 5 years
         2,200,000 Rail resources required
                                                                                                                           in India

Welcome to ETOE Rail Village

Welcome to ETOE Rail Village, a company of ETOE Rail Group motivated to transform the massive Technical Human resource available into competitive & skilled Rail Resources.

In the era of Infrastructural renaissance across the globe, as governments all around have realize the long-term sustainability of rail transport and investing heavily on rail Infrastructure .This rapidly growing industry is now facing a skills shortage, which is growing at an incredible rate.

ETOE Rail Village is empowering resources towards being a part of the ever-growing Rail Infrastructure industry.

Why ETOE Rail Village?